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Room 1

Les Parrott
Margaret Tatton Brown
Colin Hazelwood
Doug Jones
Elizabeth Linton

Room 2

Vivienne Rodwell-Davies
Graham Legge
Jacqueline Earley
Mike Strange
Paul Rowbottom
Ros McGuirk 

Room 3

Marshall Colman
Diana Tonnison
Annette Cole
Lisbeth de la Cour
David Wright
Nigel Carrick

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Pitstone Farm

Guild Exhibitions

Potters Open Day


The Dacorum and Chiltern Potters Guild Gallery is open to all members of the guild. Guild members wishing to have their work included in the Gallery may provide up to six photographs of their work (no smaller than 480 X 360 at 72dpi).

For those already in the Gallery, if we have any details or pictures incorrect we apologize. To include your work, add further pictures, change current ones to supply or correct information please contact John Powell.

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